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By The Global Agency, Jun 1 2016 08:00AM

He's also been in touch with a lady about to embark on a six week TV marathon.

His celebrity endorsesments are gaining momentum.

He has been invited to south Kensington, London to meet a TV icon who wants a reading.

Busy time for Micky.

By The Global Agency, May 1 2016 08:00AM

Micky has been invited meet a South African top sportswoman and a USA TV producer.

"I have no idea when any of this will happen as both their invitations came right out of the blue on the same day!

I treat everyone I meet the same, with the utmost of respect. I don't know the name of the sportswoman, her PR people are setting-up this meeting. She has agreed to let me speak about it afterwards though which is amazing, as she has no idea what I'm going to say to her!

I've been recommended to her apparently from a celebrity I read recently in London. I am grateful for endorsements from everyone from all walks of life.

I just want to help people with guidance from spirit.

The TV producer is interested in viewing footage from my encounter with ghosts at Pinewood Studios where the spirit of Elizabeth Taylor and Vivien Leigh were present.

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