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Micky Vermooch was born to Romany parents Andrew and Mary in 1953 on Crosby Common, Scunthorpe, his gift of clairvoyance was inherited from his mother, known as Maise.


From a very early age Micky was hearing spirit.  He says: “I was in the caravan listening absent minded to my mum chatting to her friend.  I just turned round and said to the friend, ‘your Tom is washing pots in a posh kitchen. It aint no van either!’  


I had no idea what it meant!   I was 7 years old and my mum gave me a clip around the ear for it!

Obviously the man was cheating on mum’s friend and I’d picked the information up from spirit.  I know that now and I can still feel that clip around the ear from my mum.   It was ringing for days!

Mum trained me in spirituality. She would send me outside to sit by a large oak tree. I was to sit there until I had a message.


I was tuning in to spirit and I could feel the tree move.  I’d sit there for hours, then tell her I’d felt the tree moving.  She would say ‘that’s wonderful’    I never said my backside was numb from sitting or I was cold from being outside for so long.  I only said that I’d felt the tree moving.

I’m very careful as to how I tell people intensely personal messages. I am aware of the hurt the messages can bring so I never bring them out into the open especially in front of a crowd.  I am happy to have a private discussion later with the individual concerned; if they so wish.


People ask me personal questions like ‘should I get divorced?’  Well I can’t answer that – only that person should decide their future.  I just give guidance offered by spirit.”

Joining the Marines age 18, Micky was set to tour the world.   He was extremely popular amongst fellow Marines and earned his affectionate nickname ‘The Mooch’ as he would ‘mooch’ about. This name has evolved over the years to Vermooch – his stage name.   He is also known affectionately as ‘Gypsy Boy’.


He met his hero Elvis Presley whilst on leave one weekend in Vegas.   “The man himself stepped out of a limo and came to talk to us.  We were in uniform.  He was a huge presence and I knew instantly he had a split personality.   A stage face and a private face.  It’s a moment I will never forget.”

Whilst in the Marines, Micky met and married an American woman. She was the first of his three wives.   In all he has raised 13 children who are all successful in their own right. His oldest son is a barrister and two daughters have inherited Micky’s gift.


He now lives in North Yorkshire - alone.


Word of Micky’s psychic insight has spread worldwide.   A recent story in the Scarborough Evening News was in the national Mirror newspaper and from there it was copied worldwide.  

It all began back in January 2015 when Micky visited Pinewood Studios to film a pilot for a new TV programme.

He says: “It was 6pm, dark and I had no idea where I was being taken.  My agent told me to close my eyes as she drove through the Pinewood Studio gates and onto Heatherden Hall which is the original studio.  

Immediately I entered through the doors of Heatherden Hall, I saw a young woman hanging.  I mentioned this to the producer.  I then walked up a sweeping staircase and felt a rush of wind and the rustle of a dress. I breathed in a heady perfume then I saw the figure of Elizabeth Taylor.  I recognised her instantly, then she was gone in a second.


I also saw a very distressed Vivienne Leigh.  She was in the film ‘Gone With The Wind’.  She was upset as her portrait was not hanging in the picture gallery.  I could feel her frustration, she was gasping for air; having a panic attack. She was breathing right down my neck!  She was a bit over the top and melodramatic but then again, she was one of the finest actresses of her age.


The place was awash with spirit.  I had the most amazing time there and even saw Alfred Hitchcock standing outside the J Arthur Rank Boardroom and the Duchess of Windsor was dancing in the picture gallery. Below it was the original ballroom but of course I wasn’t to know that.

I think the stars of yesteryear became so attached to Pinewood, they didn’t want to leave it!  

I also referred to a Treaty being signed and could see men in uniform during the war making propaganda films.    

After the filming the producer Ike Khan, told me he had been a born sceptic but that now he was a firm believer.

It later transpired The Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in Heatherden Hall in 1921!    Mr Khan had never heard of any Treaty being signed at Pinewood nor of propaganda films being made there but he did know of the young woman who had hung herself there after her lover had spurned her.  


In 2014 the Rev Diana Fern of Statten Island, New York met with Micky:  She says: “I met Micky at a time when I needed spiritual guidance. This man has truly been blessed by God and His angels.”

Joyce:  “I met Micky at a psychic supper event.  Micky told me of a man in uniform who had a gun to his head.  He was shot, murdered by the Gestapo.  He described other men lined-up in front of a farmhouse in northern France.  They too were shot.


The message was from my Uncle Jim.  He said he loved me and that I had been conned out of my rightful inheritance!   I was shocked.    I knew properties had been lost due to re-marriages within the family and had wondered whether we’d been robbed of our rightful inheritance. Micky confirmed that.  I had a strong message and I have since acted upon it.”


Spiritualist Church Meeting:   “Micky singled me out. There were at least 80 people in the room.  He told me I was investigating a missing person case.  He gave me a very personal message to tell the family of the missing person.  I passed this message on.  The family member I spoke to was shocked.  He said the message was so personal it could have only come from his missing child.  He listened to what I said.   This case is still open and active so we cannot comment further but please do watch this space…..”

Ann A – TV star in the USA.   “I Skype Micky every single day.   He was the only person I could talk to when my mom died.  I don’t leave the house until I’ve chatted with Micky.  Despite the time difference he’s always there for me!”  


Pamela, Rochester.  “I had heard of Micky and requested a personal reading.  I drove to Scarborough to meet him and the moment I walked into his presence I felt a great sense of calm.  He told me my late father was with me.  I was nine months old when my father died; I never knew him.  He told me my father had seen me take my very first steps in the week before he died and had swept me up into his arms.  My mum had told me of this happening, it was an enduring image for her.  It was proof and I felt comforted to know my dad was around me.   I was seeking guidance and Micky put me on the right path.”  

Jean, Wrexham.   “I knew my husband was cheating.  I also felt he was hiding money.  I asked for confirmation from Micky.  He was reluctant to tell me but I insisted.  Not only did Micky tell me where the money was – but also that my husband had bought properties abroad and had several pensions I wasn’t aware of!  I’m now divorced after 27 years of marriage.  If I hadn’t known this information I doubt whether it would have ever come to light as my husband refused to use a solicitor.”


MEN IN BLACK. Have approached Micky.  This work is highly confidential and Micky cannot divulge what he is asked to investigate but be assured, government agencies do seek his spiritual guidance.

Micky recently did sell-out shows on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

He says: “That was amazing. The audience was cosmopolitan and I spoke with Dutch and German people giving proof that their loved ones who have passed on are still around them.  There were quite a few tears and I made a new friends.”